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Disclaimer: This post may contain spoilers for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones!

Even though the epic seventh season of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones has ended, that doesn’t mean that fans have stopped theorizing on the possible events of Season 8. A Reddit user, known as, ClipboardJesus12 has a new theory on where the leader of the the Night King might be headed.

According to the theory, the Night King is heading to King’s Landing. One of the user’s main points, I simply disagree with. He notes Cersei’s newfound vulnerability, due to Jaime’s leaving, as a reason the Night King will head to the capital. I don’t see why this would be true as I don’t think the Night King cares who is at King’s Landing, the guy took down a dragon with a spear, I don’t think he is worried about a one-handed Kingslayer. But let’s take a look at the rest of the theory.

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For the most part, I can get on board with it. The Night King will travel south for a few other reasons. Besides him not having a great deal of options, the presence of snow in the capital shows that nowhere in Westeros is safe from winter, and once the south is covered in snow and ice, it would be prime for the taking. I actually think as the Night King and his army move south, winter will follow them.

Also mentioned is the vision that Daenerys had in the house of the undying. During her vision, there was snow inside the King’s Landing throne room as if it no longer had a roof. Perhaps the snow in Daenerys’ vision was more than a metaphor and the capital will be destroyed (by the Night King and Viserion).

Another instance where I disagree with the reddit user is he doesn’t believe the army of the dead will accompany the Night King to King’s Landing. I think there are too many potential wights to be made to just burn the city to the ground. So yes, I think the White Walkers and their army will continue to head south until they’re defeated, or take Westeros outright. The capital could be reduced to rubble by the time all is said and done, and it’s possible at the end of the show there may not be an Iron Throne left to sit upon. As there is almost no justice in Westeros, this would seem a fitting end.

Where do you think the Night King’s path will take him? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Reddit

  • Clarence Bricklyne

    The Night’s King is headed to Castle Black and then to Winterfell.

    His journey south of the wall will end at the Vale and go no farther south than that.

    • SeanDon

      I think part of the army still ends up near Kings Landing; the snow falling there foreshadows that battle to come. However, Castle Black and Winterfell have to be the first targets for at least part of the army.

      • Seth McDonald


    • mrneddles

      Ha! Someone has been reading the HBO leaks.

  • SeanDon

    I’m under the theory that the reason the army of the dead hasn’t moved as fast south is because while winter is coming, it’s moving fairly slow. While the wights can survive outside the harsh winter, I don’t believe the White Walkers themselves can. So they must march slowly as winter travels. It may be snowing in King’s Landing, but a harsh enough winter is still many months away. Because of that I think they hit the North first.

    Something I’ve thought about is why not split the army a bit. Send some to Winterfell (to ultimately be defeated by Jon) and the rest towards King’s Landing, with other areas hit on the way. The rest of the Kingdom needs to be made aware of the threat for Jon and Daeny to be seen are their rescuers.

  • Victor Roa

    hmmmmm, nah, I do believe the house of the undying vision will come true, but it’d probably be due to Cersies’ responsibility. The Night King is still a plot device, probably something with Bran will stop him.

    • amesResident

      Bran IS the Night King

  • Lenin1959

    Mad Queen Cersei will ultimately win!

  • Weresmurf

    Ends up at Kings Landing, takes over there, annihilating most of the populace who rise as whitewalkers. The whitewalkers all head north, to Winterfell then, with two armies converging on the doomed Winterfell. Resulting in a ‘last stand’ possibly by all our heroes, possibly with Jon (Aegon) now maybe sacrificing himself to take down the Night King, destroying all the whitewalkers (Cersei dead by now) and leaving Danaerys with child, securing her legacy now, to rule the land while Sansa rules in the north with her husband Gendry, protecting her interests, a fliparound of the Robert/Ned dynamic.