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*If you’re not caught up on Gotham, this post contains spoilers from Season 3*


With the first appearance of a young Batman during the Season 3 finale of Fox’s Gotham, it is easy to overlook the incident that happened to the character Butch Gilzean. The character was shot in the head, but didn’t die, and before the episode ended we seen him lying in a hospital bed and the doctors call him by his real name, Cyrus Gold. For those who don’t know, Cyrus Gold is the real name of Solomon Grundy, a zombielike super villain from the DC universe. The show’s executive producer, John Stephens, spoke with comicbook recently and explained what is going on with Butch:

“Well, in many ways, his entrance is kind of quite canonical because he is gonna rise again in the Slaughter Swamp. I think when he first comes in, we hit this mixture that I really like of both of the comical and the terrifying because we envisioned him, in some ways, as very much like a Frankenstein monster at the very top, someone who is very simple and is shaped by his environment. As he comes in, he could almost kind of go either direction, like he could be good or he could be malicious and violent. Unfortunately, Gotham tends to turn people towards the latter.”

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Butch was an original character until his real name was revealed to be Cyrus Gold at the end of Season 3, and I think it is a good idea for the show to have him emerge from the Slaughter Swamp like he does in the comics, though in the comics the process is much longer than I assume it will be on the show.

Butch has always been a criminal, and had one of his hands Skywalkered in the process. He has served under Fish Mooney and after that he was brainwashed into being Penguin’s goon. He became an underworld boss once Penguin went on the run. In becoming Solomon Grundy, his status will possibly be elevated to a supervillain. Since it is likely he won’t remember much about being Butch Gilzean, I am interested to know how, if at all, Penguin will use this to his advantage.

Gotham returns for Season 4 September 21 on Fox.

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Source: comicbook

  • randomironicname

    Solomon Grundy will be tricky to pull off but they might go full tilt and make it work. Fuck, this show is fun. Never will understand the continued hate from the community.

    • Jeremy Alexander

      I love the show, but I think a lot of the hate, and the only thing I don’t really like, is the kid that plays Batman. They rushed that transformation and I can’t imagine an actor less suited to the role. Let’s be honest, the kid looks like he couldn’t even imagine handing out an ass beating let alone being the greatest beater of asses. Other than that though, yeah, I don’t get the hate at all, but I’ve never understood group think, hipster internet hate. People loved JJ Abrams and now we’re all supposed to hate him because of lens flare and SW E7 being a little similar to E4? Sorry, never gonna hate on the guy that gave me Fringe and brought Star Wars back from the abyss. Some sad people have a need to falsely feel superior to others by simply disliking anything that is even remotely popular, and some people just can’t think for themselves and would rather be agreeable and liked. Fuck em, you do you and enjoy Gotham. I’m right there with you.

      • randomironicname

        Agree with a lot here (especially the JJ hate).
        The kid is far from perfect. I always wonder what the process is for casting young actors in roles like these. I would hope that they factor in the parents into the decision expecting the kid to look like and have the same presence as his father. Maybe they did and he ended up taking after his mother.