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While the full-on review embargo for Justice League doesn’t lift until Wednesday of next week at 2:50 AM, some critics had a chance to see the film already, and the embargo for social media reactions is officially lifted.

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So now, after years of anticipation, we finally have our first idea of what to expect from the Justice League film. On the heels of Batman v Superman, fans were incredibly concerned that it would feel an awful lot like that. However, based on these initial reviews, it sounds like the franchise is heading in a more viewer-friendly direction.

Check out some of the social media reactions below!

Those hoping for an instant classic may be disappointed here, but it does sound like critics have mostly come out with a positive slant here. And more than anything else, it sounds like DC nailed it where it counted: the characters. So long as they continue down that route, they can fix any narrative flaws in future films.

LRM will be seeing Justice League Tuesday of next week (sadly couldn’t make the Monday screening) but won’t have a chance to actually post our full review until Wednesday, but keep an eye out on LRM Exclusive for our reaction immediately following the screening!

What do you think of these reactions? Are you any less or more excited to check out Justice League? Let us know down below!

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  • That is some faint praise if I ever heard it. Sounds like Steppenwolf is just another bland villain. Sigh. Still going to see Justice League, but it doesn’t sound like the Thor: Ragnarok killer it needed to be.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      I don’t think it NEEDED to be a Thor: Ragnarok killer. Continuously comparing it to Marvel’s movies seems consistently unfair, especially when they try an do their own thing.

      • I’m seeing it more from the business point-of-view. I agree, it’s not apples-to-apples but Justice League needs a strong opening weekend, because the above comments suggest this film lacks legs.

        • Dred17

          Not to me. Film like Thor Ragnarök is a good solid adventure comedy but ultimately forgettable when you walk out of the cinema but it is making a lot of money. If the general public like JL its going to make money as well.

        • Victor Roa

          legs is something even Marvels films lacks. Wonder Woman had legs and so did Deadpool. Marvel really does has an amazing marketing team and still does these insane weekend and then kind goes fart sound after 600 mil, because we are living in a world where Scott Pilgrim is a scary idea for Hollywood even Sucker Punch had an amazing Comicon showing and is the best example of how to ruin feminism.
          But yeah, I hear you on Apples to Apples how we should see these holiday weekends since it’s film after film until Star Wars.

      • I agree they don’t necessarily need to be always compared. I think for me though, I go to see a Marvel film and I know I’m coming out happy. I’m never as sure with DC and would like to for once come out and say I’m happy.

      • Kronx

        You’re right. DC just made a superhero team up film with Joss Whedon featuring the offspring of a god and a billionaire master of technology and their buddies, who go up against an alien invasion. Marvel would never do that.

        • Joseph Jammer Medina


    • axebox

      The heroes are only as good as the villain. So sad that Marvel and DC STILL don’t get this very basic tenet.

      • DAH

        Its true I felt ‘Ultron’ could of been a truly classic villian..he started off really creepy and psychotic….but sadly was not giving enough screen time in my opinion and was sadly turned in to a ‘comedic’ character in the 3rd act and was defeated far to easily….infact my favourite villin in the MCU so far was ‘Robert Redford’s’ character in ‘Winter Soldier’ that scene were his cleaner walks in when hes talking to the Winter Soldier…was just cold…simple but effective…..

  • J-man The Great

    Lots of code-words in those meaning “this movie isn’t that good.”

    • Weresmurf

      Except people are saying it is? Its got faults but its generally an improvement over whats come before?

    • My thoughts exactly. The people saying “it was good but it has a lot of problems” might be the same ones who praised Batman vs Superman and Wonder Woman as being “totally awesome”. If a multiple 2 sentences early social media reactions feel the need to point out “it’s not perfect” then they didn’t love it. Reading between the lines it sounds like this might just be smiley jokey trash in stead of frowny whiny trash.

  • Javolo Javier

    For a person who was completely onvoard with the MoS vision As compared to the Suicide Squad vision, which had already made its way into BvS and would determine WW as well, this is a genuine disappointment.

    From a business perspective, which is what would determine the viability of the universe, it sounds good.

    Kind of like the article on Blade Runner and “serious sci-fi”… a shame.

    • Javolo Javier

      Our fault. We don’t necessarily want to be challenged. We want to feel good and be entertained.

      It’s all good though. Will still watch and will probably enjoy, like I watch and enjoy the Disney, Fox and Sony comicbook movies.


      • TheFifthIrrelevant

        And what’s wrong with just being entertained? I certainly don’t need an oscar worthy film every time i go to the theatre. Often i just want to smile and forget about real life….Sometimes i think everyone’s expectations from movies is just getting stupid.

  • Kronx

    I’m just eager to get this one behind me. It feels like we’ve been debating it for a decade, and I’m ready to see what’s next for the DCU.

  • Mad Barchetta

    Sounds like the consensus is a resounding: “They didn’t fuck it up! Subdued woo-hoo! *slow clap*”

    If were to speculate (and I will), I would suspect that the well-developed characters is Whedon’s influence and lack of a cohesive story is Snyder’s contribution. Seems logical. Great character work will overcome thin plotting for a while, but DC is going to need to improve in this area. Nice to hear some encouraging news, though.

    So, I’m guessing the embargo will remain in place till Thursday, though?

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      Embargo is until Wednesday morning/Tuesday night depending on which side of the U.S. you reside

      • Mad Barchetta

        Doesn’t sound like they have much confidence, then. Still time to change that, I suppose.

    • Weresmurf

      More than likely now Snyders gone the dceu has a chance to soar.

      • Mad Barchetta

        Agreed. I think that having Geoff Johns in charge is certainly reason for optimism, and from here on out, it’s his show.

    • Victor Roa

      When you say “Whedon”, I’m expecting Waterworld and not Buffy season 3.

  • ElClownPrinceDeTrolls
  • Victor Roa

    okay okay, it feels like I’m a little league coach.

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