– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While Marvel may be the king of the shared universe, there’s no denying that 20th Century Fox has made pretty solid use of its characters as well. Sure, they aren’t all hits, but a good majority of them are, and in recent years, the studio has proven that they’re willing to take chances with some of their properties.

Cases in point: last year’s Deadpool and this year’s Logan. With Deadpool, they allowed an R-rated character to actually star in his own R-rated film, dick jokes and all. The strategy proved so successful that it allowed them to take another big risk with James Mangold’s film, Logan.

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Logan was a dark, modern western (or moderately futuristic) that followed everyone’s favorite clawed mutant, Wolverine. It went on to impress both fans and film critics alike. Now, director James Mangold and 20th century Fox has released the full screenplay online for fans to enjoy and pick apart themselves.


Interestingly enough, audience’s first exposure to Logan was through a script page. In it, we saw Logan say the word “f**k,” and it drove home the point that 20th Century Fox was going all out, and in true Deadpool style, were willing to let Logan actually be Logan.

Also worth mentioning is that this screenplay has been released in hopes of garnering some accolades for next year’s awards ceremonies. Here’s hoping that a bold film like Logan actually gets recognized.

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SOURCE: 20th Century Fox

  • Moby85

    “Logan” was amazing, it blew every Hugh Jackman/Wolverine appearance out of the water and was clearly a passion project for all involved. It was extraordinarily satisfying to fans who actually got to see Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman leave their roles under their own terms. In fact, even though the film is on Netflix I literally bought the Blu-Ray two weeks ago to throw money at FOX in a small, small, small gesture of applause.

    X-23 was cool and it’d be even more bold if she got an R-rated film.

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