Lois Lane and The Comedian Join Drax In De Niro's 'Bus 657'

– by LRM

It may be a low-budget affair, but the $15 million film Bus 657 is attracting quite a cast. Deadline is reporting that, aside from all ready nabbing Robert De Niro, the cast will now also include Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) and Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns). The film, which is set to start filming next month, will center on a heist and the subsequent hostage situation that ensues after it.

Morgan plays a desperate man with a sick daughter and seemingly no way to pay for her necessary treatment. When a greedy co-worker played by Dave Bautista (Guardians of The Galaxy) suggests that they rob a casino as a way to get the necessary cash, it sets a dangerous plan in motion that eventually includes the two men capturing a bus full of innocent people. De Niro plays the casino owner, and Bosworth is his estranged daughter. Last, but not least, Gina Carano (Haywire) plays the cop pursuing the hijacked bus.

Scott Mann (The Tournament) will direct, based on a script by Stephen Sepher and Max Adams. Production begins October 12 in Mobile, Alabama.

SOURCE: Deadline

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