Will Smith and Joel Edgerton to Board in David Ayer’s ‘BRIGHT’

– by Gig Patta

Director David Ayer may reunite with Will Smith immediately after SUICIDE SQUAD.

The SUICIDE SQUAD alumni will board the project BRIGHT, a cop thriller with “fantastical elements” and a major twist. The spec script is written by Max Landis and Joel Edgerton is also currently in talks to star in the film.

According to Variety, the fantastical elements will be that the movie is set in a world where humans live with orcs and fairies. One of the protagonists will be an orc cop. And the style will probably be similar to Ayer’s END OF WATCH.

Landis Tweeted about Ayer’s contribution to the script, “Ayer translating a whole script of mine into Ayer-sian is a huge, bizarre honor. Like reading the same script from an alternate dimension.”

As for SUICIDE SQUAD, look for their work in theaters on August 5.

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Source: Variety

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