WWE In Preliminary Talks To Purchase Ring Of Honor

– by Tim Jousma

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that since January, the WWE has been talking to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, owners of Ring of Honor Wrestling, with the hopes of purchasing that promotion. Talks are said to be in the opening stages and, similar to the conversation the WWE had with Impact Wrestling before Anthem Sports purchased that company, may turn out with no change in ownership. 

As a fan of both organizations, I'm conflicted by this news. There are some performers in Ring of Honor who would be amazing in either the WWE or the NXT brand. Adam Cole for one would be a huge aquisition for the WWE. While rumor has it he's already WWE bound, having him come into the company and acknowledge the work he's created in Ring of Honor would do a lot to establish him for the casual WWE audience.  

A team like The Briscoe Brothers would blow people's minds with their in ring skill. Their mic work has something to be desired and may be a little rough around the edges compared to what the WWE would want thanks to their PG content yet their work in the ring speaks for itself. 

I also think of Dalton Castle. On the surface, his character seems kind of silly and one dimensional yet once he lets loose in the ring, he will blow your mind. The WWE would probably use him in a role similar to what Santino Marella held when he was in the company yet they'd be missing out. If you want to see what Dalton Castle can do, check out the Fight Without Honor match against Silas Young. 

The WWE has already nabbed a few Ring of Honor performers the past few months. Roderick Strong made his debut in NXT a few months back and is on a roll. Cedric Alexander joined the company by participating in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and is now a part of 205 Live. (He is currently out injured.) Nigel McGuiness is the new NXT color commentator. Steve Corino is a trainer at the WWE Performance Center. Other stars in the WWE like Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and others also have storied careers in Ring of Honor which, if the WWE got control of the Ring of Honor tape library, they could exploit for millions of dollars. 

What this boils down to is the tape library. I just don't see the WWE having any interest in running a secondary promotion, even one with the name value of Ring of Honor. While fans could think of numerous fantasy booking scenarios that an NXT and RIng of Honor invasion could entail, the WWE has a horrible history of booking those type of angles.  

Word has it that Sinclair recently planned to either shutter their American Sports Network or restructure it into a smaller organization. That means a pretty decent loss of money for Sinclair. So hearing about possible talks between Sinclair and the WWE are not as far fetched as some may imagine. Will it be good for the wrestling business if this comes to fruition? While some of the Ring of Honor performers making their way to the WWE would be great to see, seeing the number two wrestling organization in America fold into the WWE corporate structure would be a huge blow to the independent wrestling scene. Add to that the alliances that Ring of Honor has with New Japan Pro Wrestling and CMLL in Mexico that would be tossed to the winds with a WWE purchase and you're losing a company that is a great breeding ground for some of the best talent in wrestling today. 

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SOURCE: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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