– by Stephon White

Button Man is going to be the next comic book to get an adaptation. The comic book was written by John Wagner, illustrated by Arthur Ranson, and published by 2000 AD. The inventive strip followed Harry Exton AKA the Button Man. 42 director Brian Helgeland will write and direct the adaptation for Netflix.

The adaptation will tell the story of Exton, an ex-soldier and hired killer who works at the behest of a wealthy unknown benefactor. It’s all about murder and mayhem as Button Man delves into what happens when a bunch of wealthy men grow bored. No crossword puzzles or games of chess in Central Park here. These men play a dangerous game as each benefactor or Voice as they are referred to has his very own killer he uses as a baton at his leisure.

Initially a mere pawn in the elite’s game of death, Exton eventually aims to murder and kill his way to the top of the organization in a desperate bid to dismantle it. There’s a scene that occurs early on the first issue that involves Exton speaking with a psychiatrist, and I hope that tone carries over to live action. It involves Exton admitting that he cannot stop killing because the Voices keep telling him to do it.

Cheers to future adaptations of 2000 AD comic books. My choice would be Judge Dredd. Still, this is good news. Keep the comic book adaptions coming. Are you looking forward to seeing the Button Man in action?

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SOURCES: Variety