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Every great action movie nowadays must havea fist fight scene on top of a moving train.

Ain’t It Cool News received a scoop from a CNN Turkey report that “Skyfall” is filming in Turkey.

The scene is shown with actor Daniel Craig battling an unknown assailant on the train. It was identified the production took place at the main train station in Adana city.

According to the Ain’t It Cool News fan, the video was captured with a phone camera.

“The set had high security and guards were everywhere but a high school student borrowed (!) a train worker’s dress, got into station, crawled under the vagons and shot the whole action sequence,” wrote Kemal, the source for that site. “Fortunately he hid his phone to his pants (which he shot the seq) so guards couldn’t find the recording device on him. So here it is.”

Well, that high school student should apply for work with MI6. Excellent espionage work.

“Skyfall” will be in theaters on November 12th later this year.

Check out the video from CNN Turkey below.

Source: Ain’t It Cool News