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Is she? Or isn’t she? Gotta love the Internet.

Den of Geek reported that perhaps..…yes, perhaps…..actress Naomie Harris might be playing Miss Moneypenny in the upcoming James Bond film “Skyfall.”

There was official confirmation from the studios and from the actress herself that she is playing an MI6 agent named Eve.

“The idea of me being Moneypenny was a good, racy rumor,” she said. “But Eve is not remotely office-bound. She gets to see plenty of action.”

However, the Internet won’t let this rumor die a quiet death. And who possibly confirmed that Harris is playing Moneypenny? Well, Harris did it herself.

The blog site quoted a different Harris interview from Dial A Flight’s promotional magazine, which the articles was titled “Moneypenny in Paradise!”

In the interview, Harris loved the resort in the Maldives, but it was how she ended the interview.

It wrote, “There will be certainly be some exotic locations, but as Miss Moneypenny I’ll probably get no further than Pinewood Studios.”

How legit is this? We’ll find out when the “Skyfall” appears in theaters on November 9th. Don’t expect the studio to respond to another Moneypenny rumor.

Read the entire interview here.

Source: Den of Geek