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Such a brotherly bond. Sort of.

Latino-Review asked actors Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman about starring together in the upcoming indie comedy “3, 2, 1…Frankie Go Boom.”

The stars were present at San Diego Comic-Con International’s press conference for sci-fi “Pacific Rim.”

The two actors also worked together on the television show “Sons of Anarchy.”

Hunnam addressed the importance of creating a strong network and friendship within the acting community, such as with Perlman. As for Perlman, he discussed about the role in playing a woman in the film.

“3, 2, 1…Frankie Go Boom” will be in theaters on October 12. “Pacific Rim” will be in theaters on July 12 next year.

Check out the edited video below on their comments about “3, 2, 1…Frankie Go Boom.”

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Source: Latino-Review