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DREDD .tifThese die-hard fans won’t give up on DREDD.

DREDD fans are hoping their voice and petition will change the mind of “DREDD 3D” producer Adi Shankar.

Earlier this year, Shankar said there likely be no sequel and he was working on a short film for DREDD instead. But, that apparently is not enough for the fans.

The fans organized an official petition that has generated over 10,000 signatures on the petition and over 30,000 likes on its Facebook page as of yesterday. Click here for the official petition.

Even actor Karl Urban was very supportive in recent interviews at San Diego Comic-Con International last week. He encouraged DREDD fans to make their voice heard.

The film only earned just over $13 million last fall for the domestic box office. It earned an additional $22 million worldwide, but on a $50 million budget. It got a second wind with the DVD/Blu-ray release.

So sound off. DREDD is counting on you.

For the petition, click here.

For the Facebook page, click here.