– by Joseph Jammer Medina

AntManCroppedDepending on who you ask, or how well you did in French class when you were in high school, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has either confirmed or denied the recent Ant-Man rumors.

In an interview with the French press, promoting his directorial debut “Don Jon” in Paris, he addressed the rumors- but the original article written about it is in French and there are currently two interpretations of what he said.

In the original article, published in the French version of the Huffington posted, the quote from him reads like this:

“Il y a toujours beaucoup de rumeurs autour de ces projets et pour l’instant ce ne sont encore que des discussions. Je suis toujours très transparent quand il s’agit de mes rôles et de ma carrière. Je suis généralement le premier à en parler et à communiquer avec mes fans s’il se passe quelque chose. Si vous n’entendez rien de moi, ce sont juste des rumeurs qui circulent.”

Do we have any French speakers in the house? Because some folks have translated that first sentence as “There are always a lot of rumors around these projects and so far it is still only discussions,” and suggested that his fans will be the first to know once he makes a decision.

Meanwhile other outlets interpreted the quote as, basically, him saying that it’s all rumors and chatter- with some even claiming he referred to it as “nothing but lies” after the cameras were turned off.

Regardless, at this stage it wouldn’t appear that Gordon-Levitt is particularly close to signing onto “Ant-Man.” Perhaps one of our readers, with a firm grip on the French language, would like to chime in on this one?

Source: Huffington Post

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