– by Joseph Jammer Medina

kevinfeigeMarvel Studios boss, Kevin Feige, is at it again- revealing juicy tidbits on the studios projects in a sit down with IGN.

On whether The Avengers might interact with the Guardians of The Galaxy, Feige said, “Well, I don’t that that will happen anytime soon. You know, the ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ film is very much about introducing that core group. These unlikely people that come together and aren’t, perhaps, the most heroic individuals. It takes place in that same universe. Thanos is a part of that connective tissue. Some of the Macguffins of the other films are part of that connective tissue. But it really is about introducing a wholly new team.” He also mentioned that we could be finally seeing a teaser trailer for “Guardians” before the end of the year.

When asked about the proposed major expansion of Marvel into television, Feige wasn’t as committal. “I think all of those are rumors right now. You know, our television division is separate from our studios, so that is a different team of people- lead by Jeph Loeb, who runs the television division. And they’ve been working very hard to launch ‘Agents of SHIELD’- which they’ve just done to great success. And I have no doubt that they’re planning future things after that success. But as for what those are or when those are, I’m not sure.” As for whether or not characters like Daredevil or Punisher could be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through television, the Marvel honcho would only say, “Everything is on the table. Yeah, that’s the great thing of having a TV division now, and having now this early success in television, is that we can look at characters that may make great movies once every couple of years, or could make great a television series week after week. It’s just a case by case basis.”

Regarding “Dr. Strange,” and how introducing that character would also bring with it an all-new supernatural element to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Mr. Feige explained, “It’s no secret that the supernatural angle- the angle of alternates and parallel dimensions- we have not done in any of the films. And, is not only a big part of the ‘Dr. Strange’ comics, it’s a huge part of the Marvel universe that we haven’t explored yet. So I love the notion of tapping into all of that throught Strange one day.”

About Edgar Wright’s upcoming “Ant-Man,” Feige confirms that it’s finally, actually in production. He says Wright walks into the Marvel offices every day and is working on refining the script. Feige says that we may be able to expect some news on casting before the end of the year. On the tone of the film, whether it will be a comedy like much of the director’s resume, he says it will definitely have an “Edgar Wright” feel to it, but that the director is looking to do something very unique with the film- even saying that he’s tackling it like a heist movie. This idea excites the Marvel honcho because they love the idea that each of their films has a distinct feel, and that they take on the traits of either kinds of genres- as “Captain America: The Winter Solider” is said to be a political thriller.

In my humble opinion, the above point is vital to the survival and continued success of the current “super hero boom” in Hollywood. They need to continue to differentiate the characters and films and not just keep using the same “comic book movie” format that has been used by so many other films. Whether its expanding to other genres, as he said in this interview, or something like that “Super Max” film that DC dropped a few years back- which would’ve told a Green Arrow story that, essentially, begins “in progress” and forgoes a traditional origin- is how these movies will remain fresh.

Source: iGN

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