– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Casting CouchHere’s a round-up of the latest casting murmurs on several upcoming projects:

Star Wars

The J.J. Abrams production is still knee-deep in its search for young female and young male leads. With a casting call that spans the US, UK, and Australia, they’re said to not be letting any stone go unturned in their search. But that’s not new. What’s new is that there’s a now another role being sought out as well- and that’s a military man in his 40s. Think along the lines of Matt Damon’s character in Elysium.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Despite the fact that we’ve been saying it for ages, and several reliable sources have all ready confirmed it to be true, Marvel has finally gotten around to announcing that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are set to play QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch. Yes, it took them until today, November 25, to state what we’ve been telling you since June.


The front runner for the role of Henry Pym has been revealed. According to THR, Paul Rudd is said to be who the studio wants for the part. The fact that he’s mainly known as a comedic actor shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering director Edgar Wright’s comments last week regarding the action-comedy tone he’s going for. At age 44, though, Rudd would be one of the elder statesmen of Marvel’s current crop of leads.

A word to the skeptics: Wright was able to make Michael Cera seem halfway bad ass in Scott Pilgrim, so if Rudd does sign on, maybe he can work that magic again.


The search for John Connor and Kyle Reese- pivotal characters in the Terminator mythos- is on indefinite hold. Director Alan Taylor, and returning star Arnold Schwarzenegger, are said to be putting their entire focus on finding the film’s female lead, Sarah Connor. THR confirmed recent reports that Emilia Clarke (who, like Taylor, is a Game of Thrones alum), Brie Larson, and Tatiana Maslany have all read for the coveted role. Sarah, previously played by Linda Hamilton, gives birth to the future leader of the rebellion, John. The THR report also suggests that Tom Hardy is the current “type” the production has in mind for its John Connor. Fellow Dark Knight alum, Christian Bale, played John in 2009’s Terminator: Salvation.

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