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wolverine-fb4Gotta love a good Wolverine fight.

Latino-Review was invited to a special screening of “The Wolverine” Unleashed Extended Edition screening on the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles earlier this month. The extended cut features longer and bloodier scenes from the movie. In addition, director James Mangold was present for a Q&A session with the audience.

There are a couple of notable extended battle scenes in the film. The first scene is with Logan and Mariko (Tao Okamoto) at the Love Hotel in Tokyo. This scene has a confrontation with a trio of Yakuza thugs outside the hotel while Logan was vulnerable. And there is a much longer ninja battle scene from the theatrical version. More ninjas die in cruel and unusual ways especially with the help of Yukio (Rila Fukushima).

There are many other minor extended scenes to establish back story and the motivation for the Wolverine. And yes, Logan has a #%$# mouth throughout the movie.

During the special screening event, an original Wolverine costume prop was on display with the Wolverine claws. Why? There is an alternate ending for “The Wolverine” on the Blu-Ray release. Sadly, it wasn’t screened for the press so now I have to wait to get my claws on it.

The twenty-minute Q&A with director James Mangold was very informative. Mangold talked about on how Hugh Jackman found his groove to play Wolverine in all these movies and it shouldn’t be changed with any other actor. He also discussed Wolverine’s hair and claws. The full video of the Q&A is at the end of this article.

For Wolverine fans, this is the badass Wolverine cut you’re waiting for. So don’t hesitate toreserve your copy soon.

“The Wolverine” will be released on December 3rd. The HD digital copy is already available this week.

Check out the photos and Q&A video below.