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star-trek-cast-hq-wallpapersTHR has reported that three writers have signed on for the third Star Trek film, in the J.J. Abrams-rebooted series. One is the returning Robert Orci, and the other two are J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay. While Orci’s work is fairly well-known, including the first two Trek films, Mission: Impossible 3, The Legend of Zorro, Cowboys & Aliens, and more, Payne and McKay are relative newcomers. Their biggest credit, to date, was that they wrote the script for Boilerplate, a robot film that Abrams has been developing for some time. Of note, this will be the first of the new Trek films that isn’t co-written by Alex Kurtzman.

As of now no director or release date have been set for Star Trek III, but Joe Cornish is said to be high on the wish list, and 2016 is a targeted year since it would mark the 50th anniversary of Gene Roddenbery’s original Star Trek series.


The rumors surrounding the Terminator franchise have been ablaze since late last week, when plans for the rebooted films as well as a new TV series were announced. Over the weekend, rumored titles began sprouting up. It was thought by some that the film might be called, simply, Terminator (as opposed to the original, The Terminator), to signify that this is a back-to-basics fresh start. That train of thought was used when the fourth Fast & Furious movie was called…Fast & Furious (when the first film had been titled The Fast & The Furious). In the case of those films, it signified a fresh approach and director Justin Lin started radically expanding the scope and building a small universe within the FF flicks. Some think that director Alan Taylor has similar hopes for his Terminator movie.

But if a recently-released issue of Production Weekly is to be believed, the new film all ready has a name. And that name is Terminator: Genesis. There’s been no official confirmation yet, but that does seem to be the working title. The new film will see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return, and is being written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier.

transformers4-ss (1)

We now have our first look of Bumblee, Strafe, and Hound from Michael Bay’s upcoming fourth film in the Transformers series. Courtesy of some leaked materials from Hasbro:

Trans 1
TRans 2
Trans 3

Folks think these pictures confirm that the Dinobots featured in the film will be considered Generation 1 Autobots, and not a third faction. We can thank TFW2005 for the images.


Buffy alum, Drew Goddard, has signed on to write the first episode of the new Daredevil series that’s being produced for Netflix. The Cabin In The Woods writer will also serve as showrunner for the series- which will be getting a 13-episode first season. Goddard is clearly a graduate of the School of Whedon, so his involvement points to continued synergy between Marvel’s properties.

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