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WKD-HANS-ZIMMERGerman composer Hans Zimmer has become “the man” for big film scores in the last 10 years. From Pirates of The Caribbean, to The Dark Knight Trilogy (which he co-composed with James Newton Howard), to Man of Steel, Zimmer has been loading his resumé with large scale themes that make him seem like this generation’s John Williams. But unlike Williams, who would come onto a franchise at its inception and create the music that would continue on into the sequels- even if he’s no longer attached to them- Zimmer isn’t above being a hired gun. Zimmer had nothing to do with The Amazing Spider-Man, which was scored by another heavyweight, James Horner, but he’s been hired to compose the music for its upcoming sequel.

Ever since he joined the film, fans with an appreciation for film scores (including our own El Mayimbe, and myself), have been curious what his theme for Spider-Man will sound like. There was a similar feeling of anticipation with Man of Steel, as many folks wondered how he’d follow-up on Williams classic “Superman March.” This time, however, Zimmer’s job is less daunting. Horner’s work didn’t leave much of an impression on the character’s cinematic legacy, and the previous Spidey franchise’s main theme- created by Danny Elfman- was hardly a timeless classic that will forever be associated with the character.

With the recent release of domestic and international trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, fans have been isolating and analyzing the music being used for them. AddicToMovie has posted an isolated minute of audio that they suspect could be the new theme.


What’d you think? Does that sound like it could be Zimmer’s new theme for Spider-Man? If it is, are you happy with it? Which composer do you think has most closely adapted web head in musical form? Sound off!

SOURCE: AddicToMovie

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