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Henry Cavill 2So, Superman walks into a bar and…


Okay, fanboy nation, Henry Cavill is in Michigan. Since arriving, he’s been hanging out where common folks are known to dwell. That would be local restaurants, pubs, and the like. But that’s not all. He’s been remarkably loose-lipped about his activities, and a couple of his chance encounters with the local peasants may have revealed some juicy news from up high on DC Entertainment Mountain. As you know, DC and WB have been pretty tight-lipped. Or maybe they’ve been downright confusing (“We’re delaying production to fine-tune!” “NO, WE’RE NOT! THERE ARE NO DELAYS!). But maybe, just maybe, it’s Cavill himself who will spill the beans we’ve been clamoring for.

Henry Cavill

Based on fan accounts, the following news items have fallen out of his mouth since he’s been in town:

Principal Photography Has Begun!

So that settles any questions left lingering after WB/DC spoke out of both sides of its mouth. There are no delays. One of the folks who spoke to Cavill says he revealed “they’ve been filming in Pontiac.”

Exiled Superman?

Look at Cavill. He’s got his “scruffy, emo Clark” facial hair on- complete with neck fur! If filming is truly underway, that means he has this look in the scenes they’ve been filming. Might Clark be doing a cross-country “walk of shame” after the destruction of Metropolis? Maybe.

Henry Cavill 3

He’s Going To Be Filming For The Next 10 Months!

10 months, eh? That’s an awful lot of time for just one movie, I would say. Could it be that I was right when I was the first to report last month that Batman vs Superman and Justice League were going to film back-to-back? Possibly. Signs keep pointing that way, but we shall see…

Now, it should be noted that these folks don’t do this for a living, and they might be getting ahead of themselves. Perhaps in their starstruck excitement to be chatting with him, they’ve misrepresented some of what he said. I doubt they had recorders in their hands, capturing his quotes, so some of this may not be what we would call reliable reporting. But, if it is, some of it definitely jives with what’s been rumored about the production of Batman vs Superman.

Henry Cavill 2

The tidbit I, personally, have the most trouble believing is that they’re actually filming all ready. The accounts coming from these fans also mention that he’s in the middle of training, and that he wasn’t drinking because his trainer has him on a special regimen. Couple that with that scruffy look, and it seems like he’s just preparing to film. But hey, I guess we’ll find out eventually.

Regardless, it’s endearing to hear how friendly and approachable Cavill has been with his fans. The actors who’ve played Superman have always had a reputation for being genuinely nice, kind guys (for the most part), so it’s nice to see Cavill keeping that tradition alive. Kudos to these fans, as well, for taking their encounters to IMDb, MLive, and Henry Cavill News, to help feed the appetites of the rest of us hungry fanboys out there. We owe you!

So, what do you make of the information gleamed from these fan encounters? Reliable? Hogwash? Exciting? Meh? Sound off!

SOURCE: HenryCavillNews / MLive

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