– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Guardians_of_the_galaxyMaybe you’re like me, and the Guardians of The Galaxy mean nothing to you. I’ve never been a major comic book guy and, when I did collect, it was always books for the Holy Trinity of Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman. So I’d never even heard of the Guardians before the movie was announced. However, the buzz around the film is very strong and I’ll admit, the more I hear and see, the more I think you can pencil me in for a Thursday Midnight showing.

It would appear Marvel knows they’ve got something special on their hands, too. Another potential sleeper hit, somewhat like Iron Man– where they took a character that was never exactly the “face” of the company, more of a B-lister, and turned him into a huge deal with that 2008 movie. It would appear they think the film is tracking strong enough to turn the Guardians of The Galaxy into household names. Because aside from green-lighting an all-new animated series for the superhero team, JoBlo is reporting that a sequel has all ready been slotted for a 2016 release.

That’s right, Marvel expects Guardians of The Galaxy 2 to be part of Phase 3, and it’s even possible that the film could be the one to go toe-to-toe with Batman vs Superman on May 6 of that year. That last part isn’t confirmed, but Marvel only has two dates locked down for 2016, so there aren’t many other options.


Marvel’s high ambitions for the project don’t surprise me, though, since this jives with what a source of mine told me last month. Which was that Marvel fully intends for, at the very least, Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord to be in Avengers 3- which likely wouldn’t come out until 2018. So it makes sense that they’re going to continue to promote and expand these characters for the next few years.

Speaking of Pratt, did you check out his interview for Jurassic World? 

So what do you think out there? Is Marvel nuts for having so much faith in Guardians of The Galaxy? Is their faith in the project instilling faith in you? On a scale of 1-10, what’s your excitement level for that movie?


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