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LastBeatIt’s the re-imagining of the last days of Jim Morrison.

The upcoming “The Last Beat” is described as an erotic, lyrical and music-filled portrait of a fictionalized character that was inspired by Jim Morrison’s last days in Paris. It follows an American rock star Jay Douglas with poetic ambitions and living in Paris who becomes involved in a love triangle.

The indie film stars Shawn Andrews (“Dazed and Confused”), Cameron Richardson (“Shameless”), Martha Higareda (“Street Kings”), Kevin Corrigan (“The Departed”), and Seymour Cassell (“Rushmore”). It is directed by Robert Saitzyk.

Latino-Review received an exclusive four-minute extended opening scene for “The Last Beat.”

There will be a crowd raising campaign for film fans to part of the project, which will be posted on its Facebook site at www.facebook.com/thelastbeatmovie. You can also follow its Twitter or visit its web site at www.lastbeatmovie.com.

Check out the exclusive clip and still below.


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