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Scoop Update: Will Batman Appear In ‘Suicide Squad’? And Much More!


In case you clicked on this by accident, or somehow are unclear about what you’re stepping into…ahem…*SPOILER ALERT*




Last week, our editor-in-chief published an exclusive report that offered an inside look at WB/DC’s Suicide Squad. In that report, we touched on many subjects, but one was the prospect of Ben Affleck’s Batman making an appearance. At the time, our source had informed us that it would be something small, not in-the-flesh, and limited to him being shown as part of some footage that one of the characters plays in the film. Now Forbes has stepped in and added their own two cents on the matter.

The report states:

“I’ve heard for weeks that Batman will appear in Suicide Squad, supposedly in an in-story scene, likely at the end of the film and focused on certain circumstances involving the Joker.”

The sequence he mentions would likely be a setup for Batman’s solo films, and show where Joker and Bats are at this point in this new cinematic continuity.

But wait, there’s more! 

The Forbes report also mentions that the Batman solo film is said to take inspiration from…wait for it…Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Yes, we’ve heard murmurs dating back to the announcement of Batman v Superman that director Zack Snyder was taking inspiration from Miller’s iconic book, but it now sounds like its influence will be felt on more than just BvS. According to Forbes, Affleck’s solo outing will be inspired by the third issue of Miller’s series, which focuses on Batman and Joker. 

Also of note is that Gotham Police Commissioner Ellen Yindel will supposedly appear in the film. In the Miller book, Yindel replaces Jim Gordon when he retires. This leads me down a rabbit hole of my own speculation…

We’ve all ready heard that in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Gordon isn’t merely retired. He’s dead. The way Forbes mentions the Batman solo film centering on Batman v Joker, the inclusion of the Yindel character, plus this prior knowledge of Gordon apparently being dead leads me to believe that in this new cinematic mythos Joker murdered Gordon. It would certainly do a lot to add weight to the feud between Batman and Joker, without having to have an entire movie to show why things are so intense between them. By merely referencing, or eluding to the fact, that Joker killed Batman’s old ally, the audience would instantly be caught up on the dynamic between the two.

Would it be a shortcut? Sure. But considering the fact that WB/DC seems intent on hitting the ground running with this new take on Batman, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

As always, until the film is finalized, take everything you read here or elsewhere with a grain of salt. We’ll know more in due time. For now, we can speculate and imagine the possibilities based on the crumbs falling off of the table.


SOURCE: Forbes

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