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Bored at night? Ever visited Chatroulette?

Like any Internet trend, Chatroulette opened up a new world of randomly meeting people with one’s webcam. But, the Internet world is very dangerous and you’ll never know what kind of random stranger you’ll meet.

Horror thriller “The Den” sets itself in this webcam social networking arena with a young college student trying to research her thesis. She witnesses pranks, nude flashers, foreigners, dancers, etc. Until she came across a video, in which she witnessed a murder. And then strange things started to happen.

The film stars a few relatively young stars with Melanie Papalia (“Smiley”), David Schlachtenhaufen (“Loose Cannons: The Movie”) and Adam Shapiro (“Now You See Me”). It is the directorial debut for Zachary Donohue, who wrote the script with Lauren Thompson.

Although “The Den” is a fictitious horror setting, it plays into the certain themes of Internet stalkers and the big brother watching you with your own computer. It explains why a colleague of mine has a duct tape over his laptop’s web cam due to his Internet paranoia.

Unlike many found footage films, this film uses footage captured from multiple angles and devices. It was very unique to film a large part of thefilm using computer screen capture software. With an interesting plot and unique camera approach, “The Den” is very different from the other tiresome found footage horror films.

In real life, the Internet is a dangerous place already and hopefully no one ever would succumb to the horrors of “The Den.” So make sure your computer is off at night.

“The Den” will be be in limited release for theaters and on demand beginning March 14, 2014.

Watch my video movie review below.

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