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batman-superman-wonderwomanDirector Zack Snyder has been in the news a lot lately. With a sequel to his 300 coming out this week, and production ramping up in a big way for the tentatively titled Batman vs Superman, he’s had a chance to field a number of questions. Earlier this week, he responded to Joel Silver’s critique of Watchmen. Now the director has chatted with the LA Times‘s Hero Complex about what’s going on with BvS.

On fan criticism of his casting choices:

There are two ways to think about it. We know the material. Unfortunately, the fans don’t know the material. So, we’re casting according to what’s happening in the script. And we’re hoping that leads to enough originality, enough perspective on what we’re doing that you get something fresh and exciting. I understand the canon. I’m not crazy. I know what these characters need from a mythological standpoint. I think Jesse is going to be an amazing Lex. Let’s not forget he was nominated for an Academy Award. It’s not like I just grabbed my friend to play the guy! This guy’s the real deal. By the way, in looking at all the talk-back, you can get all different perspectives in there too. Some people are hating to hate. Some people — someone did some fan art. And you look underneath and someone wrote, ‘I guess I can see it.’ Honestly, are you kidding me? Just stop it! It’s reassuring and frustrating at the same time.”

On expanding the DC cinematic universe, and the epic nature of finally getting Superman and Batman into a film together:

It’s very fun to get into this world with different heroes coexisting in the same universe, but a lot of balls in the air as they say. As a fan, it’s an amazing opportunity. You know, Superman and Batman in the movies have never existed in the same frame together. So it’s an interesting historical thing. We were just testing the suits, right? The new Batsuit and the Superman suit. It wasn’t even with the actors, right? It was just to see ‘em. I was standing there, they were standing next to each other. And I was like, ‘Guys, someone take a picture! This has never happened before.’ We slightly dork out. Like, ‘Are you kidding me?!'”

Batman Superman Affleck Cavill

On his ambition with Batman vs Superman, and how he now feels free to put the pedal to the metal on this sequel:

[The movie] literally takes the ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman’ universes and explodes them. You’re not as tied to the mythology. In ‘Man of Steel,’ we had to create an origin story, a mythology, and there’s a lot of energy into that, which we love doing. Don’t get me wrong. But when you think about how fun it is too — now that you’ve got these characters — to now let ‘em loose. That’s fun!

As seemingly exciting as that last quote sounds, it should be noted that it also rings a little hollow. If this were a straight-up Superman film then yes, of course, we got the mythology  and origin out of the way so let’s go nuts on the sequel. However, he’s also claiming that this will be a chance to have fun with Batman now that we seemingly know him, too. Problem is, we don’t know this Batman. If this were a continuation of Christopher Nolan’s version of the character, then yeah, this statement would make sense. But this is an all-new take, with a new actor, new interpretation, and an unestablished backstory.

So does this mean he’s going to skimp on letting us really get to know the new Bruce Wayne? Only time will tell. But it sounds like Snyder wants to hit the ground running on this one, so we may only be getting a bullet-points version of the beloved character.

What do you think? How’re you interpreting Snyder’s words here?

SOURCE: Hero Complex

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