– by Joseph Jammer Medina

superior mark millarSuperior, the comic book series that came from the mind of Mark Millar- the man that gave us Kick-Ass and Wanted– is going to be getting the big screen treatment. Hollywood has seen that adapting Millar’s work has paid off in the past, and now 20th Century Fox has chosen Superior to be the next Millar property to make the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter describes Superior like this:

The comic centers on a popular and athletic 12-year-old boy who loses his social life when he is stricken by multiple sclerosis. One night, an alien monkey grants the boy one wish and he chooses to become his favorite superhero, a Superman-like character named Superior.

After relishing his new life as a hero, the boy discovers that the monkey is actually a demon from Hell and he must sell his soul if he is to remain the powerful hero — or return to his original body.

And when they say that the hero is Superman-like, they’re not kidding. DC’s King of Superheroes is the clear inspiration here.

superior mark millar 2

You might recall that Millar was once going around telling everyone who would listen that he was shopping around a new feature film adaptation of Superman, with an “American action director.” He said WB was interested, and that it was going to be the Godfather of superhero films, telling a three-part saga that culminates with Superman as the last man on earth- having outlived everyone he’s ever loved. Well, that one somehow fell through the cracks, but at least his Superior will see the light of day.


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