Season Two of The Santa Clauses Debuts in November and Releases Teaser Poster

Old Saint Nick is hoping for a jolly Christmas. One of the surprising critically praised series, Santa Clauses, is returning to Disney+ with the whole family for a second season. Tim Allen reprises his role

King of Killers Trailer Has Assassins Competitively After Their Target Frank Grillo

King of Killers is the definition of a blood sport. In this action film, a bunch of assassins receive a contract to eliminate the best killer in the business but end up being the hunted

Apple TV+’s Silo | Atli Örvarsson on Musical Tone of Claustrophobic Thriller Series

Silo series on Apple TV+ is one of this year’s most exciting dramatic thrillers on the streaming network. Based on the Hugh Howey’s book series, Silo is one of the most notable. post-apocalyptic stories about

Showdown At The Grand Trailer Has Pulp Action Comedy to Save a Movie Theater

It is the ultimate good versus evil in saving a movie theater. In Showdown at the Grand, the film honors the action-pulp comedies of the 1980s with plenty of gunfights, swordfights, and homage to our

Bollywed | Chandan Singh on Bringing Indian Culture and Weddings in Series

South Asian weddings are certainly colorful, vibrant, and exciting. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes preparations for any grand celebrations for any Indian couple. In the new series from Fuse and Fuse+, Bollywood is a reality

In The Fire Trailer Has Amber Heard Starring Role As a Physician Who Doesn’t Believe in Exorcism

For centuries, religious exorcism has been an act to rid of demons and unexplained events. It was science revealed later that many exorcised individuals simply suffer from mental illness and events were mere coincidences. In

The Sixth Reel | Charles Busch and Carl Andress on Comedy and Homage to Classic Hollywood

Charles Busch and Carl Andress adored the classic Hollywood era with its glitz and glamor. The Sixth Reel is their Hollywood homage in a comedic way that dedicates itself as an aficionado towards their golden