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It’s A Wonderful Knife | Jane Widdop on Being Transported Into a Horror Version of George Bailey Film

What would the world be like if you didn’t stop a murder? In a horror twist of the well-known James Stewart film, It’s a Wonderful Life, It’s a Wonderful Knife follows a young woman who

Mario Morán Comparte Su Aprendizaje Para Se Llamaba Pedro Infante | Exclusiva

Mario Morán hace el personaje que marca su carrera con su interpretación como Pedro Infante en la nueva serie de ViX Se Llamaba Pedro Infante. Una bioserie que nos trae eventos del icono del Cine

Candy Cane Lane | DC Young Fly on Being in Christmas Movies

For some actors, being in a Christmas movie is a career highlight. For D.C. Young Fly, he now has a few holiday films under his belt, including the very funny Candy Cane Lane. DC Young

Influence | Cheyenne Perez on Her First Lead Role in Hollywood Thriller

The indie film Influence may hit too close to home for many actors, writers, directors, and influencers in the Hollywood industry. So many people struggle to succeed in the industry and do not realize the

Apple TV+ Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Exclusive Clip – Pulse Radiation

With the Apple TV+ television series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and the new Godzilla film Godzilla Minus One in theaters today, it is certainly the year for Titans. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is one of

Elyfer Torres Shares Her Personal Training For Give Me Your Eyes | Exclusive

The Mexican actress Elyfer Torres challenges herself playing a visually impaired role in Give Me Your Eyes. A story about survival because of someone else's greediness. The narrative was written by Julie Auerbach  and Kevin

DC Spotlight November 28, 2023: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; DC Spotlight November 28, 2023 The Comic Source Podcast Check Out The Episode on YouTube Follow Rocky on Twitter Jace and Rocky from the Comic Boom! YouTube channel chat about

Silent Night | Exclusive Clip

Silent Night is the new Christmas action film this year. From the kick ass director John Woo who is known for knowing how to exploit this genre. Silent Night Official Trailer | Courtesy of

Society of the Snow | Trailer

After fifteen years J.A. Bayona returns to his native tongue to bring us the Society of the Snow. The film elected to represent Spain for the 96th Academy Awards. Bayona is the co-writer and director

Silent Night | Catalina Sandino Moreno Expressing Emotions With Very Little Dialogue

Silent Night is one of the more ambitious action films this year. The film tells the story with almost no dialogue relying on the action and performance throughout the film. Actress Catalina Sandino Moreno had