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24: Legacy “10:00 – 11:00 PM” Recap

Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Keith and the staff at CTU are dealing with the aftermath of Rebecca and Eric’s plan. Eric successfully killed Jadalla, but a fiery diversion lead to Rebecca being nabbed by the terrorists. Moreover, Rebecca was overheard saying “Bin-Khalid is alive” on comms. With Jadalla dead, Keith can only assume that Ibrahim is still alive. Keith then receives a phone call from Director of National Intelligence Donald Sims, who informs Keith that he has sent Daniel Pang to take over as head of CTU and oversee all operations. Meanwhile, Andy is hacking into the files of Director Sims, following a connection to the term “East July”.


At the abandoned stadium, after being tended to, John approaches Eric. Eric tries to explain and apologize to John, but John is too distraught to hear any of it. Eric then receives a call from Keith and Andy back at CTU. Andy explains that “East July” was an operation approved by Sims. The mission: to kidnap Naseri’s ten year-old in order to force him to tell them how to get to Bin-Khalid. Andy continues on that the only computer with all information is at Sims’ computer on his desk in the Pentagon. Eric returns to approach John and tells him he needs his help.

Rebecca stirs quietly and awakens in time to hear Bin Khalid tell Naseri his plans to have Rebecca’s execution be broadcast to the American public. Without attracting anyone, Rebecca grabs a sharp piece of glass and slits her wrists, choosing to commit suicide rather than to allow herself to be used as propaganda material. However, Naseri discovers her attempt and has the bleeding stopped in time to keep her alive, making sure their execution will continue as planned.

Now teamed together with the information from CTU and a fabricated identity to get past security, Eric and John drive to the Pentagon to confront Sims. John calls Sims to tell him he wants to talk about the situation with Rebecca. After hanging up, Donald Sims plugs in his USB drive to view the young daughter of Naseri, who is held up inside a farm house, watched over by two guards. Sims then calls a “clean up” crew to handle the farms house before anyone notices.

The “clean up” crew is Tony Almeida.

Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

John and Eric arrive at the Pentagon and are granted access inside. John approaches Sims first. With his back to the door, Eric sneaks in and holds Sims at gunpoint. He obtains Sims’ USB drive, plugs it in and sees the young girl. With the help of Andy over the phone, Eric is able to determine where the young girl is and heads in that direction, leaving John with the gun pointed at Sims in his own office.

Eric reaches the farm house and is able to do disarm and knockout the two guards on the property. He locates the daughter and tells her to trust him; that he plans to have her freed. However, it isn’t long after this that Tony shows up on the property, ready to do the new job he’s been paid for; move the daughter and kill anyone who is in contact wither her.

John is attempting to obtain assistance from Andy to hack Sims’ phone. With Sims knocked out cold for not doing it himself, this will be there attempt to call off the attack before anyone is killed. Keith does his part at CTU by distracting and then eventually choking out Pang until he passes out, stopping him from digging too far into what they are doing.

With all that in motion, we are left withthe visual of our new hero Eric Carter pointing his gun in the direction of our iconic 24 legend Tony Almeida, who is pointing his right back. We are left wondering what will happen between our past and present CTU operatives.

And the clock ticks down to 11:00pm…

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