Author: Anthony Esteves

Anthony Esteves

Max Brooks’ Devolution: A Firsthand Account Of The Rainier Sasquatch Massacre

Max Brooks is easily one of the smartest literary figures of our time. He created an effective survival guide based around zombies with The Zombie Survival Guide, then went and created a frightening, true story-like

Batman v Superman: In Defense Of Martha

As the headline suggests, yes—I am a fan of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I am, of course, referring to the Ultimate Cut. The version that is purely Zack Snyder’s vision and untouched by

WWE’s The Undertaker Deserves His Own Film Franchise

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic figures in the history of professional wrestling. His legend spans over three decades. The macabre "deadman" and his epic ring entrance. The black hat and long dark

Wrestling Without A Live Audience Is Just Weird

I have been a professional wrestling fan since practically birth. I was born two years before the WWE's first WrestleMania, and spent my early years watching the titans of the Golden Era. The legendary lineup

Iron Man 3 Is A Good Movie, So Accept It Already

Before I dive into this completely factual defense, I will make a few things clear. First: Tony Stark is my favorite Marvel character. The "genius billionaire playboy philanthropist" was nowhere in my Rolodex of heroes

Binge-worthy: Dirty Money On Netflix

There is the overused catchphrase "money makes the world go 'round." While there is a second part to that quote uttered by Paul Van Der Merwe, it's the first part everyone remembers. Most of humanity spends

Review – Netflix’s Marc Maron: End Times Fun

Most of us now have a bit more free time at home. We're working at home and being told to self-quarantine. We're establishing social distancing as a daily requirement. Everything is altered as society attempts

Pandemic On Netflix Is Eye-Opening & Frightening

Anxiety and hyper-awareness is up now as the world hunkers down to stall the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Homes have turned into workplaces. Many are sitting at home worried about their employment future. As

Shudder Wants To Give You One Free Month Of Screams

Lately, it seems like we are all stuck in an anxiety-inducing, slow-paced thriller. Press conference after news release, we're on the edge of our seats waiting to see what's next. COVID-19 has forced us to

WWE WrestleMania 36 Will Be a Two-Night Event Hosted By Rob Gronkowski

Things are getting stranger and stranger in this crazy year. Earlier in the week, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced that this year's WrestleMania 36 will not take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.