– by Anthony Esteves

Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Well, here it is. It’s all lead up to this point. Every tick of that anxiety-inducing digital clock has brought us closer and closer to this very moment.

The season finale of 24: Legacy

Eric Carter is at a standoff with Tony Almeida and his “clean up” team. In the balance is Ara Naseri, the daughter of Asim Naseri. Carter wants to use her as leverage to get Asim to give up Rebecca. Tony and his squad are following the orders of Director Of National Intelligence Donald Simms, who needs her eliminated in order to cover up her kidnapping in which he ordered. 

Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Successfully eliminating two of his men and injuring Sidra, Carter finds himself in a brutal hand-to-hand combat situation with the 24 legend Tony Almeida. After heavy blows from fists and feet, being thrown through walls and windows, Carter eventually gets the upper hand and breaks Tony’s left arm. Before he can go any further, Sidra holds Carter at gunpoint. Tony demands to know where Ara is, but Carter won’t say a word. Tony sees no other choice and gives Sidra the nod to take Carter out.

Then, Tony’s phone rings.

John Donovan, who is holding Simms at gunpoint in his own office, has used Simms’ cell phone to contact Tony. He informs Tony that he has been lied to by Simms; that Rebecca’s life hangs in the balance and that Ara is the only way to get her back. Donovan appeals to the feelings Tony had for Rebecca in the past. With that, Tony tells Carter to get her back and he and Sidra leave the scene.

With Ibrahim Bin-Khalid and his men broadcasting live via Internet, preparing to execute Rebecca, Carter is able to use the fact that Naseri’s daughter remembers her father’s cell phone number, Carter is able to make contact with Naseri. With the voice of his daughter heard clearly, proving she has been alive the entire time, and an ultimatum for an exchange offered, Naseri does the only thing he feels he can do. He kills his associates, takes Bin-Khalid hostage and cuts off the internet feed.

The demands are set. Naseri wants access to satellite hovering a over to show that Carter is alone at the drop off. Once Naseri has visual evidence of CTU delivering Ara to the Jordanian Embassy, Rebecca will be released into Carter’s hands. What Naseri does not know is that once Rebecca is safe, Carter plans to kill both Naseri and the handcuffed Bin-Khalid. As Naseri sees his daughter enter the embassy via his satellite phone, he allows Rebecca to walk toward Carter. What he fails to see is that Bin-Khalid has grabbed a hold of a firearm. He fatally shoots Naseri and as he fires in the direction of Carter, Rebecca leaps onto him. Carter is able to take out Bin-Khalid, but the damage is done; Rebecca has been shot.

Rebecca is rushed to the nearest hospital. Before she is operated on, she tells Carter that the feeling he has inside him is a feeling everyone in their line of work has and that all he can do is follow it wherever it takes him. John arrives at the hospital in time to see her seconds before the doctors get to work. John thanks Carter for getting her back. However, the two of them can only stand helplessly and watch as Rebecca’s life slips away as her heart monitor gives a flat line… and digital clock ticks silently. The legendary tradition in 24 history when a main character dies.

From here, there series fast forwards twelve hours to about ten minutes before noon the next day. John is seated next to the body of Rebecca. His assistant Mia informs him his dad wishes to speak with him. Henry enters the room and deeply apologizes to John. He holds himself responsible for all of this but tells John that he should not pull out of the race. Instead, he should continue the campaign in honor of Rebecca. John exits the room and is greeted by FBI agent Dietrich, who informs John that Director Simms has taken his own life. Alone with Mia now, John tells her he has changed his mind. He will not pull out of the race and will continue his campaign.

Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX

Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX

Carter arrives at CTU, where he is once again reunited with his wife Nicole. The two embrace. Carter then explains to Nicole that this job, working for CTU, iswhat he needs and that he does not want to put her in any danger by being with him. Nicole responds with telling him she is not going anywhere; that she will stay by his side and only demands that they be honest with each other. The two agree and embrace again. Carter is called in for a debrief on the events that occurred. He walks to the door, looks back at Nicole, shares a moment where the two smile at each other, and enters the debrief room, the door closing slowly behind him.

And the clock ticks down and stops at 12:00pm.