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Tom Clancy’s long-running series of espionage novels based upon ex-Navy, ex-CIA, and fist-fighting college professor Jack Ryan has found a new home on Amazon. However, based on the new teaser out today, it’s not entirely clear what to expect. Ryan has always been portrayed as a kind of too-earnest-for-his-own-good everyman, albeit with an extremely high IQ and a knack for picking fights with Russians, drug dealers, and terrorists. Hollywood has had a lot of love for the character with five films spread over the last 27 years.

However, the most-recent film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, starring Chris Pine, focused on a younger version of the character, but only collected a modest $135 worldwide in 2014. Ryan’s thinking-man’s spy was up against more hard-nosed and action-first characters like Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne — Pine’s Ryan seemed like an anachronism and failed to resonate with audiences.

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Amazon is now taking a shot at the character in a new streaming series that focuses on Ryan’s first CIA field op. Jack Ryan stars John Krasinski (The Office), who proved himself a viable enough action hero in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours (2016) film, which hyper-dramatized the Libyan attack on a U.S. government compound. Sounds interesting, but can Krasinski make this character relevant again? ComingSoon posted the first teaser for the series, and it’s… well, there’s really not much to say so far.

Krasinski proved himself as a capable action hero in Michael Bay’s 13 Hours (2016).


According to the synopsis provided by Amazon, the series centers on Ryan’s early CIA work, which involves a new and dire strain of global terrorism. However, the content of this latest teaser focuses more on drug smuggling and money laundering, which I guess implies that it all feeds back into terrorism.

I get that Amazon wants to debut the entire trailer at the upcoming New York Comic Con on October 7, but they really didn’t provide anything here that we haven’t seen before on Narcos, Ozark, Breaking Bad, or any of a dozen other crime or spy series. It’s hard to get excited about the series based on this teaser, so we’ll check back during the NYCC when we learn more.

Did you see anything in this teaser that excites you to watch Jack Ryan on Amazon? Let us know in the comments down below!

Jack Ryan hits Amazon Prime in 2018 (TBD).

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SOURCE: ComingSoon

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