– by Seth McDonald

A new Topps trading card for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has emerged (via MakingStarWars). The card shows Jedi Master Luke Skywalker dressed in a much darker colored outfit than we seen him wearing at the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The outfit has different shades of brown and in many ways is similar in appearance to the garb that was worn by Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Luke stands in the image, looking very wise and majestic, his robotic hand stands out and adds to the Anakin similarities. You can see the trading card below.

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From the footage fans have seen, it isn’t easy to tell where Luke’s head is at right now. With Luke talking about the Jedi needing to end, it sounds like he may have had a major epiphany about the Jedi and their teachings. Luke’s array of garments only add to the speculation. Having lost his father, and now his nephew to the darkside, along with his friend Han Solo (I think Han counts as a darkside casualty), it is safe to assume that Luke went in search of answers, and he very well may have found them on Ahch-to. I still contend that Luke hasn’t turned to the darkside and is now a gray Jedi. Realizing while the Sith are evil, he may also see there are flaws in the altruistic ways of the Jedi. He may find that the true Jedi way has not been being followed.

It is rumored that the final trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released some time around mid October. Disney has of course kept the finer details of the story under a watchful eye, as they did with Star Wars: The Force AwakensRogue One, and the still untitled Han Solo Anthology film.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15, 2017.

What do you think of Luke’s new outfit? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: MakingStarWars

  • Weresmurf

    Most importantly……………they still do trading cards???

    • Seth McDonald

      They do, I think this card comes from a trading card app.

  • Moby85

    Yeah, I think we’re on to something here with the grey Jedi. I think this is really where we’re going. The Jedi have already been built up as somewhat subversive in their devotion to “light” especially in the much maligned prequels. Anakin started to turn against them for reasons that were logical.

    Going on a tangent here I really wish, but doubt, that Lucasfilm would bring back Anakin for a significant force ghost role. I would go so far as to say his power could be great enough to even “fight” Kylo Ren as a ghost at some point. I’d love to see what Hayden Christensen could do with a good director and the extremely positive reaction fans gave him at Disney’s April convention shows that he’s not a liability to put in future films. At 36, he looked like he hadn’t aged a day and could easily be the Anakin we remembered on screen.

    • Seth McDonald

      I would like to see that as well, not sure about the fighting Force ghost part, but If done right I’m sure my stance could be swayed. I am absolutely on board with Luke getting a visit from Anakin, I almost feel this needs to happen, if anyone could give Luke advice, its Anakin.

      • Moby85

        I agree. At the very least a chat(s) has to happen. Anakin is a Force ghost we know from Jedi, we know Christensen will reprise him, in fact I think it’s a done deal but being kept secret because they want us surprised. When you think about it…How could they not bring Anakin in? And probably in BOTH upcoming films?

        • Seth McDonald

          Yes, thats a good way of putting it, how could they not?