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Marvel and Netflix’s epic experiment with street-level superheroes is an amazing success, spawning multiple seasons for each show and spinning-off one new series (so far): The Punisher. Beginning in 2015 with Daredevil, and shortly thereafter Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, we’ve traveled through the greasy underbelly of New York’s toughest neighborhoods — and fans want more, much more! Even though each show’s lead hero and primary villains have received all the media attention, it’s the secondary and surprise characters — from Misty Knight to Colleen Wing to Frank Castle to Stick and Elektra — who’ve shaped and defined these worlds.

Daredevil Season 2 alone gave us Elektra, Frank Castle, and The Hand! Consequently, when each series is renewed (or a new series is announced), there’s understandable excitement and speculation regarding who else might pop-up — we’ve certainly written several articles on this topic! The Punisher arrives on Netflix this fall, and it seems we’ll be exploring Frank Castle’s military past as well as his vigilante present, along with an all-new roster of allies, enemies, and (almost certainly) a few surprises too.

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MCU Exchange attended the annual Asia Pop Comic-Con in Manila, where Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski, senior VP of creator and content development, dropped a major surprise regarding The Punisher:

“Another Marvel hero may be showing up [in the Punisher].”

This is obviously an unconfirmed rumor, but it comes from a legitimate source (and the MCU Exchange team has a track record of major scoops too). What makes this particular news so intriguing is that The Punisher will not only focus on Frank’s Marine Corps past, but much of the show will take place outside of New York, opening the doors to potential guest or surprise hero appearances.

The most obvious connection is Chicago’s Marc Spector (aka Moon Knight), who is also a former Marine (and a CIA Agent and a mercenary). Spector is well-known in Marvel comics lore for his own deep emotional and mental issues — a character who is often as violent and uncompromising as Castle himself. Moon Knight is the obvious and logical Marvel superhero to appear, and he’s a worthy candidate for his own show too (as long as we’re wildly speculating).

The absolutely massive cast credits for The Punisher, listed in IMDb, does not reveal the presence of Spector, but this is just the kind of reveal that Marvel loves to drop on its fans — and judging by the comments on our recent The Punisher and The Defenders articles, it would be welcomed across the board!

Who do you think C.B. Cebulski is talking about as a surprise character in Netflix’s upcoming The Punisher series? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: MCU Exchange

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