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It seems that we will not be getting any DC films without a ton of negative speculation ahead of them. Recently, we had heard that Ben Affleck was no longer going to play Batman and that his film was not going to be part of the DCEU (though at least one of those was since reported to be untrue). Justice League has had it’s own set of rumors as well, from changing the tone of certain characters to changing the ending completely. But thanks to Mark Hughes on Superhero News (via ScreenRant) we have some clarification on the the rumors of the “re-shoots” and the most important thing to note is that Justice League is still following the plans of Zack Snyder, and not being overhauled by Joss Whedon.

One of the biggest rumors that has been circling the internet is that the film was basically shot twice, and this rumor is due to the fact that the shooting schedule has been so much longer than most films. Hughes goes on to clear that up saying that it’s due to the actors complicated schedules and not significant scenes:

“As of right now, despite the fact that there’s been some extended time and it’s like ‘OK, if this is still – why are they still doing shoots on this,’ there’s been a lot of downtime in between shooting because of people’s schedules – they have not been shooting this entire time. The amount of content that has been shot and is being shot is still pretty much what they expected and figured was going to be happening. They haven’t said ‘oh, we need to add additional – we need to do a whole bunch more,’ or anything like that at this point, so, the footage and the amount of footage in the film, as of right now, the majority of the footage that you’re going to see on the screen is still the footage that was previously shot during principal photography… I know I’ve seen people worried and say ‘why is it taking so long,’ it’s because this is post – this is re-shooting and filming that requires people’s schedules to line up, getting things in order, so it has not been as easy as they expected it to be when this was all being planned months ago.”

This would make sense if you think about what other projects some of the cast are working on. First off, Jason Mamoa is currently filming his stand alone DC film, Aquaman in Australia. Erza Miller is working on the sequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 and of course Henry Cavill is working on Mission Impossible 6 along his unshavable mustache. No doubt that trying to get all these actors on set at the same time is a difficult challenge for the studios.


Something else that Hugues clears up is the studios use of the word “re-shoots”, which they seem to use as a catch-all term for reporting any kind of shooting that happens after the end of principle photography. As previously reported Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon had watched the fim soon after the principle photography in fall of 2016 and determined that some more scenes needed to be added for connectivity, these scenes were commissioned to be written and shot by Whedon. The rumors had claimed that these re-shoots were a lot more than that, but again Hughes clears this up as well:

“…it’s mostly new footage, the re-shoots – and some people insist the terminology doesn’t matter and that “re-shoots” is common, well no, the terminology does matter to people that make movies and know what these things are, and it matters if you’re saying something’s a “re-shoot” when it’s not a re-shoot – that matters, but to the extent that that’s just a technicality, the shoots and re-shoots combined that are happening and then the also pickups to fill some stuff in is not going to be the majority of the film and it’s not going to be some huge vast portion of the movie.”

A change in director in a film that late in production as well as long reshoot schedules are usually trouble for any film. But we already know the reasons why Zack Snyder had to step down and now we also know why this after principle photography process is taking so long. With that said, it does not mean that everything is going according to plan behind the scenes, but good or bad we audiences will have to judge the film itself when it comes out in November. What are your biggest concerns for Justice League? Chime in below!

Justice League arrives in theaters November 17th, 2017.


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Source: Superhero News (via Screen Rant)