– by Seth McDonald

*This post contains spoilers for Supernatural Season 13*

The Winchester brothers make their return this week for an impressive thirteenth season of Supernatural. A new clip surfaced yesterday showing the monster hunting siblings driving in the vehicle fans lovingly refer to as the “metallicar”. The video shows a very distraught Dean Winchester basically giving a rundown of the events of last season’s finale in a rant.

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With the end of Season 12 came a couple of unexpected deaths, as fan favorites Crowley and the angel Castiel were killed. The Winchester’s also lost their mother, who is currently stuck in the alternate world. As anyone who watches the show knows, people don’t always stay dead in the Supernatural universe, so it is likely we could see Crowley or Castiel again, perhaps even this season. It was confirmed by Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb that this season’s big bad will be a character that fans are familiar with, someone they know fairly well.

Who would win in a fight, Dean Winchester or Rick Grimes? Let us know in the comments down below!

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