– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Actress Valene Kane recently made some of her first comments about playing Lyra Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In a talk with Belfast Live, the star of BBC’s The Fall opened up about the vibe on the set of the Gareth Edwards film, as well as it what it meant for her to actually be working on a Star Wars movie.

I grew up watching Stars Wars and I didn’t believe it was happening until I was filming in Iceland. It has a really edgy independent vibe,” Kane said. This jibes with a lot of what we’ve heard about the direction of the film, which was always meant to be a more stripped-down and intimate affair than the rollicking space adventures the other Star Wars films are known as. 

It’ll be fascinating to see if that indie vibe she described here makes it to the screen, considering how much has happened since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story entered post-production. With extensive reshoots, rewrites, and new scenes directed by Tony Gilroy instead of Edwards, it’ll be a miracle if the film resembles what Edwards was going for. 

It shall also be interesting to see how much of Kane’s character, a relative of Jyn’s (Felicity Jones), will make it into Rogue One considering how little has been made of the role. We know that Jyn’s father, Galen, will be played Mads Mikkelsen and will be pivotal to the plot as he is involved with the construction of the Death Star and will possibly aide the rebellion in bringing it down. How will Lyra factor in? Also, while the common assumption is that Lyra is Jyn’s mother, Kane is only 29; Jones is 32. So if she is Jyn’s mom, this likely means her character will factor into some sort of flashback sequence. 

We’ll found out when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story arrives on December 16.

SOURCE: Belfast Live

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