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Writer/director Akiva Goldsman certainly seems to be a busy man these days. Last we heard, Goldsman was heading up the ambitious writers room over at Paramount for the Transformers flick. Although it’s too early to say at this point, the obvious hope is that when all said and done, those films will have a lot more going for them than just mere spectacle. While that’s likely still keeping him busy, that’s not keeping Goldsman from pursuing other big ideas.

Deadline is reporting that Paramount has film rights for a comic called Avengelyne from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld. The film is set to be produced by Goldsman, who is also looking to potentially direct. Goldsman is currently searching for a screenwriter for this new flick, which is being coined as John Wick with a fallen angel.

The synopsis for Avengelyn is as follows (via Amazon):

“The fallen angel Avengelyne’s quest for redemption is brought back into the spotlight by writer Mark Poulton and artist Owen Gieni. Together, this new creative team takes this freshly redesigned, supernatural heroine on an epic and tantalizing adventure through the sin-filled streets of New York City where she encounters the Red Dragon, Torment, Devlin, Priest, the Coven.”

Liefeld previously stated about the character’s appeal:

“Avengelyne resonated so powerfully with the audience because her story of redemption is one that is so relatable. A fallen angel, sentenced to redeem herself by serving humanity, Earth is a foreign environment to her, she must adapt in order to save herself as well as mankind. Her dilemma provides humor amidst the larger plot engine driving her journey.”

I’m admittedly pretty lukewarm on this idea as a whole. While I’m not familiar with the comic, the character herself seems pretty stereotypical in nature. Additionally, Akiva Goldsman, while a great writer, he hasn’t written anything I’ve cared for since Cinderella Man back in 2005. Regarding his directing experience, he’s only directed one standard feature film, Winter’s Tale, which wasn’t really my cup of tea. On the flip side, Goldsman has really become a big name in producing, and who knows, with the right talent, this is an idea that can truly shine. My biggest fears is that it’ll end up more like such movies as Ultraviolet and Aeon Flux.

What do you think? Does this idea appeal to you at all? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

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