– by Seth McDonald

Disney will continue with the remakes of their animated classics this weekend with Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin.The film still doesn’t have a score on RottenTomatoes, but that reveal will come tomorrow. The reactions around Twitter seems to be mixed, with the opinion scale possibly on the slightly positive side, at least from what I can gather looking around the #aladdin tag on Twitter.

While some folks have seemed to come around on it, one aspect of the film was initially met with backlash was Will Smith’s genie, which you can read all about in the RELATED SECTION. Smith said he initially was scared coming into the role as the actor explains below.

“I was saying Disney Magic is real. This is my first Disney movie. And there’s something that Walt Disney did in the design of these stories that at the core of these stories is something that shocks the inner child within you and forces it to come alive and smile and appreciate the moment. So for me, coming into this, first starting with fear, it definitely started with fear, what Robin Williams did with his character was, he just didn’t leave a lot of room to add to the genie. So I started off fearful. But then when I got with the music, it just started waking up that fun childlike silly part of me. And like Guy [Ritchie the film’s director] was saying. This was the most joyful experience of my career.”

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While Robin Williams’ genie is and likely always will be the genie of folks my age, I’m sure Smith can bring something memorable to his version and be the genie of a younger generation. While I not a huge fan of Will Smith the musician, I am a huge fan of Will Smith the actor. I will give most any film a chance if Smith is in it. And of course, I’m going to watch Aladdin, I may not make it to the theater, but surely I’m going to watch it.

Will you be going to watch Aladdin this weekend? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Aladdin Press Conference