– by Shockey
– by Joseph Medina

American Horror Story is a very uniquely awesome series. It has the benefit of being both a serialized and anthological story all at the same time. Each season is one long, self-contained story, and as such, you can pretty much go into each season cold and enjoy it on its own merits. Perhaps the biggest plus to this whole thing, however, is the fact that each season uses a unique theme — usually a twist or exploitation of a common horror trope.

Last season was an especially unique in that the theme wasn’t revealed to be Roanoke until it aired its first episode. Given the secrecy surrounding that season, we half expected that this season would very much play out the same, with the theme being held out until the very last possible second. After all, the show wouldn’t even be returning until this fall season, so there would be no point in rushing the whole deal, right?

You can imagine our surprise when American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy went on to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and when asked what the next season’s theme would be, he answered outright.

“Well, I don’t have a title, but the season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through. So I think that will be interesting for a lot of people.”