– by Seth McDonald

A new video via ComingSoon, shows Star Wars fans at New York Comic-Con. The video shows fans walking around various Star Wars related attractions, and all is fun and games until a group of Stormtroopers shows up looking for wanted individuals, who are fans that were made criminal by convention workers behind the scenes. The fan’s photos are posted on screens all around the exhibit. The Stormtroopers then begin asking fans for identification. Soon after BB-8 pops through a vent and several members of the Resistance attempt to come to the rescue of the fugitives.

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Kylo Ren also makes an appearance at the exhibit, displaying his force push and force choke abilities. Holding one Resistance member up against the wall choking him and then uses a Force push to know a display case into another member. It’s at this time that the remaining Resistance members help the wanted fans escape. The fans in attendance were given an awesome experience, I would have loved to have been there and be part this interactive display.

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Source: ComingSoon