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An Update On Marvel’s Plans For Netlfix Series


Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has just pulled back the veil of secrecy a bit about Marvel’s plans for the five series is bringing to the network in the coming years. As of now, we know thatthere are four solo series planned, with a fifth one being some sort of special event that includes all four established characters in a The Defenders crossover. But not much else is known.

In a chat with Empire Magazine, Sarandos offered the following insights on how this all came to be and where it could be headed:

“It was really based on the theatrical model of The Avengers. Could you take another group of characters, The Defenders, and go about it the same way? Normally they do the big movie and then eventually they get to the group origin story. Having 13 hours to tell each of these stories, you can go right to the origin story and the action at the same time.”

We know that, of the announced plans, the one that’s currently in-production- currently lensing all over New York City- is Daredevil. So what can we expect from the series? How will it differ from the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck?

“The series will not be afraid to go darker than the film did. What we love about this particular set of heroes is that they’re a little more down to Earth. Costume wise and also in that these are gritty crime stories, more in the streets than in the clouds.”

He, of course, is drawing a comparison between Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage discussing how they’re grittier and more grounded than their big screen siblings in The Avengers. But speaking of the big screen, what are his feelings about a potential crossover? After all, it’s all ready been hinted that we may see some Guardians of The Galaxy Meets The Avengers action in the future. Are The Defenders going to be invited to the party?

“It has definitely been talked about.”

Yes, a tight-lipped response regarding a Marvel property. Shocking, I know. Sarandos adds:

“If you sense some hesitation in my voice, that’s classic Marvel fashion. They like to keep that veil of secrecy. But Daredevil is already shooting, since that’s out first. Eventually the series will run very close together. You can then have a separate season where the characters will cross over.”

So, for now, all he’ll confirm is that the TV shows will definitely interconnect. But he did also happen to reveal which series is next on the production list. When asked how the casting process is going, Sarandos points right at Jessica Jones being on-deck.

“Right now, the writers’ rooms are open and they’re looking at casting Jessica.”

So, having conquered the big screen, it looks like Marvel is absolutely bringing the same ambition to the TV leg of their massive, shared universe. What’s your excitement level like for these shows right now? Do any of his comments make you nervous (DOWN TO EARTH COSTUMES?! But…but…DAREDEVIL. IRON FIST?!)? Do you think a TV-to-Film crossover would be exciting, or just overkill?

Sound off!

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie

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