– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ever since Roberto Orci stepped down as director for Star Trek 3, all eyes have been on Paramount to see who they replace him with. While Orci wasn’t necessarily a popular choice, he was an integral part of the first two films in the successfully-rebooted series, so where would Paramount turn to find a new captain? Orci was going to be making his feature directorial debut with this film. Would they look for someone with a similar lack of experience, hoping for something fresh? Would they go after someone with a proven track record of directing financially successful franchise films? Or would they reach out to the avant garde? 

According to Deadline: All of the above.

The site is reporting that they’ve had a look at list of directors Paramount is interested in bringing in to take over for Orci- who is staying on as a producer. 

  1. Rupert Wyatt, who is hot these days because of his work on Rise of The Planet of The Apes. He could be a strong fit for the franchise, having shown he can handle sci-fi, effects, larger ideas, and action
  2. Justin Lin, the man responsible for turning the Fast & Furious franchise into the behemoth it is today by implementing a large, overarching story and placing an emphasis on the ensemble cast
  3. Morten Tyldum, who is buzzing right now thanks to his current Oscar-bait film The Imitation Game, starring Star Trek Into Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch
  4. Daniel Espinosabest known for Safe House, and who just wrapped Child 44 with Tom Hardy
  5. Duncan Jones. The Moon director has been on the minds of some Trek fans, hoping he’d be considered. But taking into account that he’s currently knee-deep in production for Warcraft, which is being positioned as a massive tentpole for for Legendary Pictures, it’s unclear if he’d have the time to tackle another blockbuster like this

An interesting list, to say the least. 

Who would you turn to, to grab the reins for Star Trek 3? Stillhoping they #BringInRiker?

SOURCE: Deadline

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