Andor Episode 1-3 Review – Mature, Interesting, Different, Welcome

Andor Episode 1-3 review and as per the title I found it mature, interesting, different and most welcome. I’ll be staying SPOILER FREE.

You’re here for my Andor Episode 1-3 review and as per the title I found it mature, interesting, different and most welcome. I’ll be staying SPOILER FREE within this review, so have no fear there. With that all out of the way, let’s discuss what I loved about Episodes 1-3 of Andor.


The first thing that hits you with Andor is the more mature theme. From the opening encounter Cassian has, you know this is a different side of the GFFA than we have seen so far. Yes, the tone is likely most similar to Rogue One, however there is a lot more going on here under the hood. It’s probably worth noting that whilst there is nothing inappropriate here for the younger viewer (IMO), Andor seems squarely aimed at the more mature Star Wars fan, like me.

Again, nothing is shown, but we even have sex references within these opening episodes. Ultimately this didn’t feel like Star Wars normally does, and yet, the world building and aesthetics are all founded in Star Wars history. The planets shown feel lived in by real people, living real lives. So while there may be nothing unsuitable for a kid to watch here, I’m not sure whether they might find it a little dull? I never thought I’d say this, but Andor feels closer to Breaking Bad than it does The Book of Boba Fett. This is the tone that Boba Fett should have been aiming for.


In my comparison to Breaking Bad above, I don’t mean thematically but the language used to tell the story. This is a series that very much favors show over tell and it makes Andor particularly intriguing. You actually feel like you need to be paying attention, but then you realize you’ve never taken your eyes off the screen anyway. Visually and musically there is a big hint of Bladerunner type vibes here and it works so well. Visually stunning in a way some Star Wars shows have lacked, and the score is a breath of fresh air.

Action seems feel more visceral and as an audience member you feel a personal stake in what is happening, despite the fact you know Cassian survives for at least another 5 years.

The show has to keep the stakes high from here on in, but what a premiere opening arc we just witnessed. This was far and away superior to the first few episodes of The Mandalorian Season 1 for me. If the story arcs to come are as well crafted as this opening, we could be seeing the future of Star Wars.


Andor Episode 1-3 review and as per the title I found it mature, interesting, different and most welcome. I’ll be staying SPOILER FREE.

The actors are wonderful and feature a variety of veteran British TV actors I know very well. All of them are excellently cast and brilliant in delivering their role. My guess is that we may never see some of those faces again, and yet this is some top, top talent that just hasn’t broken into the U.S. The cast from the American side of the Atlantic are all excellent as well, don’t get me wrong. However I guess my point is that there are tertiary characters here played better than some lead characters in other Star Wars shows. Comparing Andor to The Book of Boba Fett (sans Episode 5-6) is like apples and oranges.

Different and Welcome

My The Cantina co-host Kyle Malone and I have both been saying we needed something new from Star Wars for years. I’ve always been an advocate for more mature stories where things are allowed to get a bit darker. Well, so far, this is it folks. As per the subtitle Andor is very different and very welcome from this fan.

I want to see where Cassian’s story goes next, and I want to see if he ever finds out more about his backstory? My guess is that Stellan Skarsgård will be a main player for a while to come. However I’m almost sad that some of these people, who knew Cassian, we may not see again. I especially hope to see the character I will simply refer to as Inspector Javert. That’s a Les Miserable reference. If you’ve read it, or watched the movie, you’ll know the name and what I mean. If not, sorry.

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Andor Episode 1-3 review and as per the title I found it mature, interesting, different and most welcome. I’ll be staying SPOILER FREE.

Yet, the fact I care so much about characters we really don’t need to see more of yet is credit to the writing, acting and casting directors, director, crew, everyone.

Andor won’t sell as many toys as Obi-Wan Kenobi or Boba Fett did. However, I hope Disney and Lucasfilm take note of this level of praise for one of their shows. This is what happens when you get the right people, telling the right story, at the right time. Although, I’ve already been rolling my eyes at some fans asking for ‘more exposition’ because they ‘don’t get’ what is happening. This is the unfortunate side effect of making Star Wars stories that require people to think.

My one criticism, in advance. It’s going to be tough to wait three weeks for one story arc to be completed. Kind of wish this was released in blocks of three now.

Grades: E1 – A, E2 – A-, E3 – A+ (overall A)

What did you think of my spoiler free Andor Episode 1-3 review? Leave your own review of the first story arc below. Tell us what you think, were you as positive about Andor as I am? The Cantina Reviews will be recording later today, hopefully for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what Kyle thought of Andor 1-3. Andor is a breath of fresh air.

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