– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Writer-director Alex Garland made a splash a couple years back with his thoughtful sci-fi film, Ex Machina. Like many sci-fi stories before it, it really brought into question what it means to be human.

For his next film, Garland isn’t venturing outside of the genre of science fiction, but he is going for a different style of film. His latest outing, Annihilation, is based on the novel of the same name by author Jeff VanderMeer (also of note, it’s the first of the Southern Reach Trilogy — though it’s unknown if this film will be telling a standalone story that encapsulates the whole series, or if there are plans to create a trilogy of films — probably the former).

The story follows Natalie Portman’s character, whose husband (played by Oscar Isaac), went into an area called the Shimmer. He came out sick and dying, and he’s the only person or thing ever to do so. Interestingly enough, other things and groups of people have gone into the Shimmer, but none have come back but Isaac. Portman’s character decides to go in, not only to find out what caused Isaac to get sick, but why no one else is coming back.

What we are being offered here looks an awful lot like a sci-fi horror, and while the visuals are spectacular to behold, this is not standard piece of escapism.

What do you think of this trailer for Annihilation? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Paramount Pictures

  • Broian

    So Queen Amidala married Poe Dameron and became Ellen Ripley?

    I tried reading the book this was based on (which I believe is part one of a trilogy). It started a bit slow and I forgot to go finish it.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      It certainly seems like a slow burn of a book. It’s on my pile of shame to get to eventually.

      • Broian

        The cool bit I remember (and I hope they did this) was that none of them knew each others name. They were referred to as The Biologist, The Chemist, etc.

    • SaiyanHeretic

      If this movie is covering the whole trilogy like Aline speculates, then I guess we won’t have to worry about the movie being slow too.

  • Aline

    Seems like they are adapting the whole trology in one film. The trilogy fascinated me, as a fan of new weird I’m crazy to see how the film turns out.

    • Broian

      I think I got about 6 chapters into the first book and then moved onto something else (they were still exploring the inverted tower at that point). Those first chapters were a bit of a slow burn. With the amount of action in this trailer I’m guessing the books pick up at some point? I’m thinking about revisiting…

      • Aline

        They do. Some weird shit happens after that, but taste is still a thing I got intrigued by the book since the beggining.

  • SaiyanHeretic

    I’d never heard of these books, but the first trailer immediately got my attention, and this one cranks up the radness to 11.

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