– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Oh, no! Ant-Man director Peyton Reed didn’t really like the villain of the first film? Well, not quite…but also kinda. In a recent interview with io9, Reed said the following:

“The villain in [Ant-Man] felt like a bit of a vestige from the era in which that project was started, [which was] around the time of Iron Man one, where you have an antagonist who has a similar power set [as the hero]. I was hell bent on doing something different.”

In that source article, the writer stated that Reed wasn’t really a fan of the character, and it’s likely this statement, along with Reed’s quote that launched several headlines claiming Reed wasn’t a fan of Yellowjacket. Reed has since taken to Twitter to clear up the situation, saying:

“There have been a couple of clickbaity headlines claiming that I’m not a fan of Yellowjacket, the villain in ANT-MAN.

For the record: I LOVE Yellowjacket! I LOVE Darren Cross, I LOVE Corey Stoll’s performance, and I LOVE the design of the character.

Thank you for listening.”

I’m always one for listening to the directors, but I have to say, I’m not sure I would have called those headlines clickbaity. If Reed did actually say that quote from io9, it does seem to hint at the idea that the idea of utilizing a doppelganger villain is one he would have preferred to avoid. The idea that using Yellowjacket was “a vestige from the era in which the project was started” would seem to hint that he would have gone a different route if left to his own devices.

That being said, I can also see his point in clarifying, but it becomes all about semantics at that point, doesn’t it? What do you think of Reed’s original comment and his follow-up? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Peyton Reed, io9

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