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It looks like Apple is getting ready to dive into the world of online television production, as the giant preps a series that would join other online shows like HOUSE OF CARDSTRANSPARENT, and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. According to THR, they’ve looked at one of their own executives for inspiration, as Beats co-founder Dr. Dre is currently filming VITAL SIGNS for the company. 

The series is a described as a dark drama that will follow Dr. Dre in a semi-autobiographical way, as the rap legend explores a different emotion in each of its six episodes. The cast will also reportedly include Sam Rockwell and Mo McCraeVITAL SIGNS will not shy away from the kinds of adult themes Dre has explored in his rhymes over the years, as the current episode being shot includes plenty of violence and sex.

As of now, it’s thought that the series will be available through the company’s subscription streaming service, Apple Music. Though, one can easily imagine that iTunes and Apple TV will also come into play when it’s time to launch the series. Apple is said to be very high on VITAL SIGNS, likely because of the success of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, which was also an autobiographical project that included Dre as a focal point.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter