SUPERGIRL Season 2, Episode 7 Review: Supergirl v. Cyborg, Martian v. Martian, Guardian v. Vigilante

Image via The CW

Image via The CW

If last week’s episode was a solid return to form for Supergirl — a show that’s been striving to find itself all season — then this episode is a solid continuation of that trend. However, unlike last episode, which was a character-heavy episode, this one has a focus on action. As implied by the subtitle ofthis article, we have battles aplenty here. Kara takes on a cyborg Hank Shaw, J’onn takes on a White Martian, and the Guardian takes on a vigilante.

The episode  of Supergirl starts off with a fun bar sequence wherein our leads discuss the pros and cons for the new vigilante who’s just hit National City: The Guardian. As expected, we have James Olsen and Winn coming to the vigilante’s defense, and all seems to be going pretty well for the crimefighting duo. Of course, it’s never that easy, and on the heels of one of Olsen’s captures, another vigilante steps in and kills one of his strung-up baddies. In the bat of an eye, The Guardian goes from hero to a wanted criminal. Luckily for James, he has Winn, and together, the pair take down this vigilante and clear his name with the cops — but not before Winn is forced to reveal James’ identity to Alex. It certainly didn’t take long for his secret identity to unravel, did it?

Supergirl herself has her hands full in her own subplot. Mon-El’s been missing for some time, and when Cadmus is revealed as the culprit, Kara agrees to show up for alone. She is immediately confronted by Hank Henshaw — no, not J’onn, but legit Hank Henshaw that was thrown off a cliff by Jeremiah Danvers years ago. It turns out that Hank has had some work done on his body by Cadmus, allowing him to take out Supergirl and throw her in a cell alongside Mon-El. Way to be, Kara.

She’s then confronted by Lillian Luthor, and like all stupid superheroes, agrees to her demands so Mon-El wouldn’t be killed. What annoys me here is that as soon as she is let out of the cage, she doesn’t beat Luthor and her goons to hell. Flash constantly makes the same mistake too, but anyway, her blood is drawn, and when all hope seems lost, her adopted father, Jeremiah Danvers (who we all thought was dead), breaks her and Mon-El out. What was her blood used for, though? Well, it looks like Cyborg Superman is using it for access to the Fortress of Solitude, but as far as what Cadmus actually wants with it is up in the air. Also, on a side note, if you want to fake someone’s handprint, apparently, you just need to splash their blood on your hand and press it against the scanner.

J’onn is the next one to face some serious issues. While in the DEO, he thinks he spots a White Martian — only to realize it was one of his co-workers. Whoops. Well, turns out the blood M’gann gave him last episode wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and neither is she. In fact, she’s none other than one of his mortal enemies — a White Martian. The blood she gave him will eventually turn J’onn into one of them. Granted, M’gann has no ill will towards him, and that blood transfusion undoubtedly saved his life, but J’onn ain’t having it, and the two throw down. J’onn let’s her live and throws her in the cell.

While not the emotionally resonant episode, I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. Jeremiah Danvers is a pretty cool revelation, and I look forward to seeing more of Dean Cain in this show, but I do have to wonder if anyone is actually ever going to die in this show. I suppose this is par for the course in a CW show (I’m looking at you, Sarah Lance), but there are worse things than getting more Dean Cain in on the action. James’ vigilante subplot continues to not annoy me, which is beyond baffling to me. In theory, I should hate everything about it: he’s a mostly-untrained vigilante who should, by all accounts, be useless in the field (though he does have a blackbelt). But, his teamup with Winn, along with overall competency so far taking out the baddies is slowly winning me over. I don’t hate it. I want to hate it on principle alone, but don’t right now.

If there is any subplot that’s bothering me, it’s J’onn’s. This is a guy who’s too blinded by his hate to actually try and work towards a solution. It’s the worst kind of situation to be thrown in, and after everything J’onn’s been through, you think he’d be able to put these differences aside and move forward. Granted, I’ve never lost my family and an entire race to an enemy, so what do I know?

This episode wasn’t perfect, but I sure had a good time watching it. That certainly has to count for something.

Grade: B+

What did you think of this week’s Supergirl? Let us know your thoughts down below! Next week is sure to be an interesting one on the CW, as it will chronicle the mammoth four-part crossover between SupergirlThe FlashArrow, and Legends of Tomorrow!

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