– by Seth McDonald

Director James Wan took to his Twitter account to give his reaction to Justice League. Wan reiterated much of what we have heard so far, that DC absolutely nailed the characters for this film. He didn’t address the story overall, which so far is the most commonly mentioned negative factor for Justice League, but said the film was ‘terrific fun’. You can see the post below:

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While the review embargo doesn’t lift until later tonight, social media reactions have at least given a very broad overview of the film. Wan’s words seem to agree with the overall consensus about the characters, but once again, it seems as if the story has problems.

What we are getting from social media is leaps and bounds better than what we heard about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, so that should bring some comfort to fans. I liked Batman v. Superman, and I see no reason why I wouldn’t enjoy Justice League, it is going to be difficult not to get wrapped up in the moment, seeing all these characters finally together onscreen, and a true assessment of the film may require multiple viewings.

Wan is part of the DC team, as he directed next year’s Aquaman solo film. I have watched Wan’s career ever since his directorial debut with the first Saw film, and have really enjoyed the majority of his work.

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SOURCE: James Wan