– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Last week, Aquaman director James Wan to share some news with DC fans and filmgoers. Jumping on board the production of the film was none other than Fresh Off the Boat star Randall Park, who would be taking on the role of Doctor Shin in the film.

What was perhaps most interesting of that reveal wasn’t the casting itself, or even the character, but the fact that they were adding a canon character to the film during reshoots. It seems a bit odd to add a character like this so late in the game. Every film has reshoots these days, but how normal is it to add a character of such importance this late? YouTuber Grace Randolph took to Twitter to share her surprise.

“So WOW – last week #Aquaman managed to announce “pick-ups” and adding @parkrandall as a brand new character WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING!”

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Of course, Wan is never one to shy away from setting the record straight, and upon seeing this tweet, responded with his own, clarifying the whole situation.

“Hiya Grace! Love your stuff, so I’ll speak up. I didn’t add a new character now, Dr Shin was in the script since day one. I had cast Randall a year ago in Aust (I’m a big fan of his/love FOTB), but I didn’t shoot his stuff till now. Hence, it’s literally ‘pickups’ w him. Cheers.”

For those who don’t know, pickups is another term used for additional photography. We tend to throw around the word “reshoots” quite a bit, they don’t exclusively include the reshooting of material already shot. In addition to that, they also tend to entail new shots or scenes — also known as pickups. As it stands, it seems like they maybe ran out of time to shoot Doctor Shin in principal photography, thus them pushing it to the reshoot schedule.

So if you thought this was an odd move, you’re not alone, but don’t think this is any cause for alarm. Nothing to see here!

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SOURCE: James Wan

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