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Marvel Studios’ 2016 film Captain America: Civil War may have been an ambitious film of the MCU up until that point, but it still managed to have a very specific focus. Rather than make the film only be about the idea of accountability among heroes, it was also one that highlighted the bromance between Cap and Bucky and the animosity between Cap and Iron Man.

As such, the final act of the film was surprisingly personal, and instead of making it about huge spectacle, it was pretty much a two-on-one fight between the aforementioned heroes above. It was a brilliant move, and the fight only came after a clever bait-and-switch involving a whole band of Super Soldiers that we thought all three of them would face off against.

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While we still don’t know if that was ever the case in any previous draft of the script, actor Scott Adkins recently revealed that the Soldiers originally had a bigger role in the film.

“I was almost in Civil War. There was a part… the Super Soldiers. They were meant to be a bigger part of the movie at one point, possibly, and I met with the [Russo Brothers] about that. But they decided to lessen those parts and make it more about Captain America, Winter Soldier and Iron Man. That fight at the end.”

I’d say this was probably for the best. As it stood, Captain America: Civil War already had a pretty broad scope. That focus on Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man helped give the movie a narrative drive, and if they had split off into too big of a subplot, it could very well have taken away from that.

What do you think of the way the film turned out? Would you have preferred it if the Super Soldiers had a bigger role? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Empire

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